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FLYMEI Portable Dual Nozzle Rose Red 110V 600W Electric Balloon Blower Air Pump Balloons Inflator For Wedding Party Holiday Decoration

정상가격 44,700원
판매가격 29,600원 [34% SALE]
적립금 290점
상품코드 1001255675
배송비 14,900원
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상품 상세설명

Availability :
Color : Pink Blue
Dimensions : Width 550, Height : 650, Length : 810

Feature :
- Very Safe: CE Approved. Do not take risk to buy Non-approved device. Cute design with pink and blue color. Intelligence protection function to protect your pump overheated after being used too long.
- Easy to Operate: Ergonomic design, simple and anti-slip. Switch control inflation. Two patterns: continuous and touch-on. The inflation rate is fast to 520 liters per minute. Input voltage: 110V-120V.
- High Pressure: Double pump. Fast inflation rate and Time Saving for any occasion. Two nozzles can allow 2 people to use simultaneously. Special nozzles make operation much easier.
- Advanced Wire Storage: Can be stored in the built-in storage compartment.
- Lightweight, Portable & Unique Design: Convenient, easily carry to everywhere. Weight: N/W 1.14/1.25 Kg. Perfect suitable for Birthday, Party, Activities, Banquet, Wedding, Festival Scene Layout. Fit to latex balloon and decorative balloon.

Description :
100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. ORDER NOW! WORRY FREE! If you are not satisfy with our product,or have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Highlight :
This electric balloon pump is with two operation modes, one automatic and one semi-automatic. Please choose the right mode for different balloons. If automatic mode is too fast, then please choose semi-automatic(press-on) mode, which will avoid blowing ballons burst. When using semi-automatic mode, just simply plug in the pump, leave power switch to "off" position and press the nozzle to inflate. If stop pressing, inflation will stop as well.
Save Much Time: Get a balloon in few seconds, giving your time to do other must-do things.

When not use, you can store the wire to avoid to be damaged.
Electric pump, built-in motor, acoustic sound is unavoidable.

Material: ABS
Input voltage: 110V-120V
Power: 600W
Size: 20*13*16CM
Weight: N/W 1.14/1.25 Kg
Air volume 18.3CFM (520 L/min)
Noise Level: 90db

The following is operating steps
1: Pinch two sides on the mouth of balloon with your fingers.
2: Cover inflation port with balloon.
3: Inflate balloon by pushing inflation port down.
4: Release inflation port when balloon size is suitable.

1 x Balloon Air Pump
1 x User Manual

Latex balloons are NOT included in this item.

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